Somewhere along the line some nasty group of peoples (most likely of the kitten rapeing variety) decided it would be a fun idea to imprison the world's children. Much to my resistance I too fell victim. BUT! This be America! Perhaps they could ignore my right to freedom and contain me within but slavery hasbeen ABOLISHED! so they couldn't actually make me do anything because doing so would be to dishonor the thousands of men who fought and died for our freedom way back in the days when you could still get a jumbo stegosaurus burger for only $2.49. So what did I decide to do instead?... Well I drew these spiffey comix. And I gave them the title of "A Comic Book" despite the fact that it clearly was not a book but rather a piece of paper. And now I has taken the best o' th' bunch and have given them a digital touchup, with inking, structured panels, legible text an everything. So relax and enjoy the best thing ever to come out of the oppression of children, now in even less of a "book" form than ever.


* Officially there were 107 issues created
* Plus 7or8 negative-issues (ones drawn in the summer)
* And 3 special issues
* And issue 0 (the verey first one) which was never finished
* THe series lasted 3 years
* Year 1 (97-98) = issues 1-80 (most only 1 page long)
* Year 2 (98-99) = issues 81-96 (usually 3 pages)
* Year 3 (99-00) = issues 97-107 (usually 5-7 pages)
* Issue 22 featured characters from my older comic Squeaker & Friends
* Issue 25 features a special appearance by Peetoo
* Issue 29 was drawn IN COLOR!
* I made an issue #35&1/2 (the I'm Angry issue) to express my rage at the teacher for stealing issue #35 (which I eventually recovered)
* Issue #40 was made for a childjail assignment and I never got it back. So to whoever has it: GIVE IT BACK NOW!!!!
* Issues 72&74 were co-op comics where a friend and I would take turns drawing panels