Chapter 1: We like toe compressors

Once upon a lime there was a elefunt and he ate pie monkey messes but the evil quadropolus was very angry about thissssss and he ordered his bobot army to go and kill the elefunt. The elefunt was strong but not strong enuf and he died "wasn't that just the best story youve ever heard Jimmy". "No Uncle Grandpa it wasn't and do you know what, I have your chicken noodle soup hahaha haha hahaha". "Uh oh, Jogo the dancing gorilla isn't going to be very happy about this". So Uncle Grandpa went to Jogo the dancing gorilla's fortress of edible yoyos and told him the horrible news. Jogo cried and cried for 59 days. When he got over it he flew over to Jimmy's to give him a piece of his pie when all of a sudden the giant (fill in the blank)_________ invaded and the monkey went wawa and a pie fell on everyones head. Ahem... and now chapter 2

Chapter 2: Evil phones and the fat chickens who love them

And now a moment of beaveryness
beaverbeaverbeaverbeaverbeaverbeaver ah now were all ready to monkey around, oh this chapter is getting boring

Chapter 3: Poo

Jelly and Gravy in My Ears (sing to the tune of monkey paste)
Lalalala jelly lalalala gravy lalalala pasta lalalala noodleman lalala I gots jelly and gravy in my ears oh yeah lalalalalalalalala la bumbadumbumbum doodleydee a doodleydoo doodleydee a doodleydoo lalalalala poo ooooooooooooohhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaahhh bum

Chapter Eleventeen: Nuggle Wuggles and the Brady Bunch movie

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Chapter 47: Davidson's Kid Phonics goes evil