Once upon a lime zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz skipping to end of story zzzzzzzzzzzz

the end

and now a completely different story about trees
once there was a tree and he was doing well
10 years later
And then the tree fell but did it make a sound? Well that's a question that none of us can answer except for Happy the pogo stick crocodile

the end

"Oh hey I've got an idea". "What's that Foofoo". "Well my idea is that Billy and GoGo Llama go to the banana factory and find the secret plans that will release Mr. Donut Ears so we can go to the store and buy some tootie frootie popsickle sticks that unlock the door to the president's bathroom so we can flush ourselves down the toilet and into monster gorillaegg world where we will meet up with Nosles the flying blue object and then we can ask him where I can buy a Big Mac". So Foofoo and Bobo did all that stuff and Nosles told them the answer. The answer was Burger King. So Foofoo and Bobo Went to the Burger King but Burger King had just sold their last Big Mac to a skunk. So Foofoo and Bobo went on a huge boycott against Honey Baked Ham becuase they wouldn't sell pink poodles to the chocolate factory.

the en

And now Gregory the Mouse Productions presents


One day Superman was working in his office, but then William came up and revealed his secret identity, Superman is really.............. Happy the pogo stick crocodile DA DA DUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then channel 52 came up and asked him whether the tree made a sound or not. But Happy hated channel 52 becuase they had a show called The Good Day Gang that was an insult to all merecats. So Happy killed channel 52 and they turned into the All Brine Shrimp Channel.

the ind

Baba Louie where are you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And now Billy was happy about the things he had done, all the accomplishments he had accomplished, and all the lives he had saved, so he farted.