Once upon an ocelot there was a dog type object and he became the ultimate supreme mascot of all DOmino's PizzA! But of course The Noid was pissed so he grabbed his magistal yoyo and set off to yoyo the crap out of that dog. He knew he would never stand a chance against an entire dog on his own so he enlisted the aid of a giant pie eating pie demon made of pie. The noid busted into the Domino's HQ from which he was banished many years ago and unleashed that pie unto the doggo. however a certain unforseeable circumstance did arise and the pie demon refused to eat the dog because he wasn't a pie. "NOOOOOOOO!" shouted The Noid as he charged towards the dog, his yoyo slinging through the air. AN EPIC BATTLE DID ENSUE!!!!! One involving much drapery... umm... I mean carnage. THE BATTLE RAGED FOR OVER A MILLENIA!!! And in the end once all was over and done the world had been decimated and all that remained was the victor... Crazy Suspenders Cecil and His Bucket Full of Anthrax Flamingos! "Well..." Cecil declared "I guess this proves that war is not the true path... Isn't that right Bucket Full of Anthrax Flamingos?". "WAAAGAGAGAGA!" said Bucket Full of Antrhax Flamingos. "Oh Bucket Full of Anthrax Flamingos, you so Crayyyyzeh!" said Cecil. Cecil died of Anthrax 2 days later... nobody knows why. !THE END!